Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inspector Generals

The liberals praise the inspector generals when they say waterboarding is wrong. But when inspector generals find Obama's friends stealing tax payer money for themselves there fired?

Double Standard?

How about the judges in America.

The sports star that killed the man with his car and was given 30 days probation?
The man who stole Lance Armstrongs bike got 4 years.

I am still waiting for my congressmen and women to insist on Obama's birth right to hold office.
Not one has asked. They need to be removed from office.

Somewhere along the line Congress has forgotten that they work for us. Not themselved.

Look at the Cap and Trade bill that was passed by the Congress. The people who sponsed this bill have all heavely invested in this engery. Kinda like insider trading on Wall Street. Illegal.
What do you think about Congress then. Were they corrupt when they passed this Cap and Tax uh I mean Cap and Trade bill?

Call your Senator and tell them no to Cap and Trade.

Tell them no to Obama Care Too.

If this keeps up there will be a second civil war in America. Thanks to the Democrats, Liberals and Obama.

Obama is Corrupt and taking YOUR money. He is a Dictator. We need to impeach him. We need the help of Congress but they are cowards. Traders to freedom. They need to be removed from office as well. Impeach them as well.

The only thing Government has done since Obama was elected was to spend eight times what any other adminstrations did in 1,461 or 2,922 days but Obama did it in less than 150 days.

If we let Obama and the Democrats and Liberals get what they want America will cease to exist as a free nation and the only rich people will be the corrupt in Washington D.C.

By the way Obama already said that America could not afford Cap and Trade if it was passed. Well guess what we are about to see if he was correct?

You Americans are so STUPID! Obama already has proven that he wants to destroy America and you are letting him. The poor are now poorer and the rich just lost most of their money or will soon enough. When Congress goes after the rich. If you have (X) amount of money and Obama says you can only have (Y) amount. Congress will pass a bill to tax you the difference. Just like they did the Bankers and Wall Street employees who got money for their work.

Like President Regan said, "Government cannot make you rich" The only thing Government does is make the Corrupt Rich. They slap themselves on the back and say we did a good job today.

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