Friday, June 5, 2009


Why when you listen to the news they make job loss sound great? "We only lost 100,000 jobs this month, thats 20,000 less than expected."

Every month we have lost jobs. But the news makes it sound that the jobs loss is a good thing.

How DUMB are the American people? A job loss is a job loss no matter how pretty the news makes it. That is where the Government intervention into education has caused this problem. Dumb down America. How to fix it? EASY. Get the Government out of education!!!

Last century there were one room school houses everywhere and those who left those schoolhouses were as bright as two year college grads now!

Today they graduate with a 6th grade education. They can't do math, they can't read, they can't spell, they can't use their brain to solve problems.

The government says you can't spank you kids at home? No discipline. That relates to no discipline at school. Now you have metal detectors at schools, Armed security. Lock down schools from the time the kids show up till they leave? Are we training them for prison?

Again these are things that I notice. Obama and Washington is sending America to HELL on a Rocket. The DUMB down Americans are too stupid to figure it out. No one can read to realize that the Liberals have destroyed this country. FREE HOUSING, FREE HEALTH CARE, FREE CARS, FREE PHONES, FREE FOOD, FREE MONEY and NO WORKING that is what Liberal Americans want.

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