Sunday, June 14, 2009

Save Health Care

Save our Health Care NOW!!!! Call your Senators and Congressmen and women and tell them "NO" to Obama's health care reform.

I do not want to pay for little Sally health care because she wants a new 50" HDTV and would rather spend the money on the TV instead of Health care.

I DO NOT support tax payer funded health care. Let them get off their fat lazy asses and do some work and pay for their own health care.

You don't wanna pay for health care then suffer what comes. Don't ask me to pay for your health care.

Obama wants to destroy America and this (health care) and the energy (tax and pay) will destory America.

If the Democrats and Obama and a few Republicans continue this way we (meaning Americans) will wind up in a GREAT DEPRESSION within a year.

Guess what? It is no longer President Bush's fault. The first stimulus bill Obama and the Democrats passed it has been Obama's fault. Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, and the corrupt Democrats in office.

So next year when America crashes two years the most then you can scream Obama needs to be replaced and take America back.

We need to go back to the Constitution. Reverse this trend that the Democrats are taking. Save this great nation.

If the people do not want to work then suffer the consequences.

If people want to buy stuff instead of health care then suffer the consequences.

You live in the greatest country in the world for a reason.


You have a choice on how you want to live. How you want to take care of yourself and family. How much you want to pay.

I agree that the Drug companies are FUCKING the American people with the drug costs.

Why do we pay 3 to 20 times more then other counties for the same drugs?

Why does Congress RAPE the Medicare and SSN money for personal projects instead of using it for what it was ment for? Leaving it bankrupt?

Refund Medicare and SSN PLUS INTREST!!!! Fire the corrupt Senators and Congressmen and Women. Like Kennedy, Frank, Dodd and Pelosi. Obama needs to know that we like America that is free not corrupt like it is becoming.

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