Monday, June 1, 2009

The truth is out there the only problem is that the liberals can't or won't read. It proves that Obama cause the housing problem. I am so sick of this guy. He can't talk off the top of his head. He has to do all teleprompter. He looks like an ass swinging his head back and forth. Everyone knows he is reading. He can't talk without notes. It looks so tacky for a sitting President to read everything. He is a joke.

Obama the Joke. I guess I can call him OJ now..... Obama the Joke...... I like that....... OJ is still unable to speak without reading out the whole thing. Crib notes don't work for this looser.

Then we can talk about him (Obama) shutting down N.Y. Because he decided to spend a couple hundred thousands of tax dollars to fly to N.Y. and then shut down Broadway so he could watch a play. Putting thousands out of work for the night.

Then we have Government Motors. Formerly known as General Motors.

America is being destroyed. I am using this to let you know that it was destroyed while you did nothing.

Obama wants to destroy Health Care.

The Government can't run anything because they destroy everything they touch.

So we can now say, Auto industry is gone. Health Care is going, and we have OJ who is not savy enough to run this country. He can't even fight his way out of a wet paper bag, let along a country.

Obama is destroying this country and he will get what he deservers. It may take a little while but it will happen. Those who are evil go to hell. He is very evil......

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