Friday, June 19, 2009

All sorts of stuff

I see that ABC is no longer hiding the fact that they are Obama's propaganda news service.

I also see that Boxer needs an adjustment in her high and mighty pea sized brain. Hey, Stupid. YOU WORK FOR US, Ma'am. How dare you go after a General that has put way more time in than you to get where he is. Then you stop a hearing to tell him to call you Senator? If it were me I would have said "Yes Ma'am" and went on. If you would have fussed again I would have just left.
If asked why I left? "She is more interested in herself than what I was there for."
I was in the Military and I have done things like that. It showed how stupid the power hungery are. The people of California, which thank God I don't live in anymore, have to deal with her.

There is so much corruption in Washington that it stinks. I can smell the foul stench way out here in Missouri.

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