Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama's Massive Pork Package

Now I downloaded this bill HR1 a.k.a. Stimulus package a.k.a. the Pork Package.

Obama and the Democratic Congress said that there were 3 million jobs for this 800 Billion Dollar package.

Well the few of us who actually downloaded it and read/browsed threw it will know if 25 thousand jobs come out of it will be a miracle.

There are provisions for cable companies to get free cable laid for out of the way areas that the cable companies do not want to run cable because it will cut into their millions of dollars in profits.

Hello think about it. Here are the cable companies making millions in profit. The CEO's getting millions of dollars in pay and bonuses. They don't want to loose it so they ask Obama for help and presto. Millions to lay cable. Don't use your bonuses to lay cable.

The Congress and President complain about the tarp money going to the banks and it going to the top brass as bonuses.

This is the same thing. Just not a bank.

Download this Pork package and read it for yourself.

Don't trust me and this blog. Read it for yourself. This pork package that Obama got passed in Congress will be very destructive to the American worker.

Just think about it. All this pork that goes into this package how much winds up in the Congressmen, Congresswomen, Speaker of the House and the Senators pockets?

Again download it and read it for yourself. If you have several reams of paper laying around and lots of ink. Print it out and read it on your back porch while you are BBQ ing in the backyard wondering how you are going to make it the next four years of this huge mistake.

Like I said in a previous blog entry. Affirmative Action President does not work. Thank the press for the problems we are now moving into. Enjoy those of you who voted for this mistake.


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