Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have you heard?

The thank you package that Obama wants passed in Congress is just a joke.

There is no job creation there it is just pork. It is a Thank you to all of Obama's supporters.

Don't let Obama's scare tactics get to you. He wants you to vote yes. Did you hear him on the news about the resistance to this package? He was pissed that he cant get what he wants with the White House, Congress and the Senate. The Democrats own all three but there is some Democrats that understand that this is just pork. There is no job creations.

So some so called Republicans from a very liberal state are trying to pass this bill.

It is wrong. Vote 'NO' on this package.

There is no such thing as an Obama plan. There never was. It all was a way for Obama to repay his supporters. Millions for an ATV course? 268 Million for the movie industry. I think the movies make enough in ticket sales as it is. 7-12 dollars a ticket?

I am pissed with Obama and his scare tactics. If you vote no the country will be destroyed. It already is if this bill goes through.

Gitmo closed.

Soon you will see:


Make all checks payable to Obama. Send it to my offshore accounts.

I will not be going back to America.

He is a terrorist in presidental clothing.

If not then prove me wrong. Get rid of this pork package.

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