Sunday, February 15, 2009


Axelrod and Obama seem to forget how to do math. Clinton policies caused all the problems we are now incurring. But Axelrod and Obama seem to think it is a Bush administration problem.

Axelrod and Obama want to ramrod their Socialism policies on the American people.

The cost of health care is massive and the new administration wants to increase it even more.

Since when is the President an expert in the Census? Axelrod said that the President wants the Census to be run by experts. Who said Obama is an expert?

I noticed that if you disagree with the administration they call you irresponsible and racist. If you complain about Obama's policies you are irresponsible.

Kitchen table chatter is yelling NO to this stimulus package. But Obama's Administration is just hearing what they want to hear.

Obama wants to destory the Health Care system in the United States. He seems to think we have a poor health care system in this country. We have the best in the world and he wants to make it better so we can be behind the rest of the world.

The Democrats raped and robbed Social Security. It had BILLIONS in its coffers. The Democrats said “I want some of that money!” So they robbed it and took it right to the edge of bankruptcy .

I also noticed that the economy was showing a turn around and Obama wanted this bill to pass so America would not figure it out. It did not need this massive pork package. A trimmed down true stimulus package would mean Obama would not be able to say thanks to his supporters.

Fiscal responsibility by the Democrats is quickly becoming fiscal irresponsibility.

Did anyone listen to Meet the Press show this morning?

Well you should have. Axelrod was on and he noted that Obama admits that there is no stimulus jobs in this package. Axelrod said he hoped that there would be 3 million jobs. He also said that Obama wants another stimulus package like this one next year.

Obama is spending money my great, great, great unborn grandchildren will working to pay off.

This is fiscal irrespondsibility at its finest. Afformative Action at work.

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Ted said...

Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awakened and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.