Friday, February 13, 2009

Neo Nazi Schumer

Did you hear Chuck click the lock step of the Neo Nazi Left.

It was so sad to see that the Democrats are harboring nazi way of life.

Neo Nazi Nancy was gloating that she was able to pass this Terrorism bill.

Obama will sign this Terrorism bill a.k.a. PORK bill.

Obama was able to redefine the word PORK to stimulus.

Bad part of it. America fell for it. Is America so illiterate?

Democrats and Republicans have been able to destroy the education system in America so now America can no longer read, think or figure out the logic of this pork package.

There should be an uproar in America when Obama signs this bill.

If Obama insists on destroying America, we as Americans should scream 'NO MORE'

Impeach Obama.

Remove Democrats.

Fire them all.

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