Friday, February 13, 2009

New cases of Affirmative Action President

To show how much Obama is an affirmative action president.

Let's look at what he says all the time.

Clinton that would be the former President. Cause alot of the problems we are facing today.

But Obama seems to mix Bush with Clinton.

Obama says the housing crisis is caused by the failed policies of the Bush administration.

The truth is Clinton caused the problems we are facing today. He is the one that pass the law that said the Banks HAD to give a loan to someone that could not afford it. Or they would not get FDIC funding. So Banks made loans to poor people mainly black. They never paid back the loans. Banks went under. Clinton was proud of the policy he passed.

Obama must have failed History, Social Studies, Math and Research. If he did any of that he would have found that Clinton caused the problems and Obama's math is wrong. Clinton was in office more than eight years ago. But Obama keeps saying the last eight years.

Again another feather in the hat of Affirmative Action President. Just proves my point.

Affirmative Action does not work. It puts a black man in a position he can't do. How many more indicatiors do we need?

He has proved time and time again he can't do the math or research the truth.

Time to get rid of this terrorist.

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