Monday, February 23, 2009

Gain up to $13.00 a week in tax cuts, how much will you loose in taxes

So we are going to get up to $13.00 a week in stimulus and now the taxes are coming. How much of our paycheck will we loose to taxes? $150.00 a month?

Okay. $13.00 a week, Thats an average of $52.00 a week not the $65.00 that Obama is talking about. Then if we wind up with $150.00 a month in taxes we will wind up loosing $98.00 a month.

That means we will loose $1,176.00 a year.

In any case we are loosing money while the politicians are getting fatter and fatter in the pockets.

How much do we have to loose before we say enough is enough.

Canya Help A Negro Get Elected (CHANGE) is not what I was looking for.

Affirmative Action at its best. Thats scraping the bottom of the pot.


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