Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hitler State Coming! Beware!

You think Obama is for the people.... Bullshit he is there just for himself.

Let's look at his stimulus package. All pork. He said no earmarks. Just words. Read it for yourself. It is just nothing but pork.

Since when do you listen to a politician. Do the research yourself. You know politicians lie.

Now he wants you to keep people who cannot own the house they are in, in their homes with your help. You will make up the difference.

Then he wants to get rid of weapons. All weapons. America was born on the right to bear arms.
Obama wants this gone. He wants the crooks to take over the country. That is what will happen if this bill passes.

Be afraid be very afraid.

Obama wants to destroy the country he is doing a good job.

I watched Obama on facebook with remarks from viewers.
Read for yourself. Don't listen to Obama.

Mostly blacks goo and gaa over Obama. I guess most of those who are gooing and gaaing can't read. Otherwise they would become afraid. Because you can figure out what Obama really wants to do to the country.

Obama speech was presented good. But the content sucked. Real Americans read and question.

Obama still may not be President. Not until his proper birth certificate is presented to the nation. Not a bunch of Democrats say that he is an American. Proof is in the documents.

Proof is needed. We need to prove that the Democrats are crooked.

Economic Terrorism at its best.

Affirmative Action at its worse.

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