Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Things I've Noticed and Things to Come.

Let's start local.
Here we have some old buildings in the town square.  Rotting to death and the city leaders have decided to seek how much it would cost to restore these empty buildings.  Right now the cost is somewhere between 4 to 6 MILLION......  
We just got a football field, so far it has cost us 3.5 MILLION and it's still not done.
The Football field has been under construction for over a year now.   On a side note, Walmart has come to town.  We believe the Walmart will open before the Football field is done.
Our taxes keep going up,  Our Football field was placed on the ballot for 1 MILLION dollars.  Now it's 3.5 and growing.  The Schools have leaking roofs, plumbing issues, electric issues.  but the Football field comes first. 

On the state issues we have a state that has deemed it a crime for any government agency to come into the state and try to take away our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. We have a Gov. that ignores the people.  In this state we have a Democrat and a RINO for Senators. 

Now on a federal issue, we have an incompetent in the White House, more interested in fund raising, playing golf than issues affecting America. 
The world is falling apart and he is flying across the US for fund raising.  I think when this government is removed from office and we tweak the Constitution. 

One issue, if any member of Congress, or the Government including the Supreme Court judges, want to remove our rights, would be an automatic impeachment, and imprisonment for crimes against the Constitution and the American People.  Any Politician who wants to steal from the workers to give to the lazy would again be impeached and imprisoned. 
Term limits. 
If you hold an office, you must resign to run for another office.  (So if you are a Senator, and you want to run for President, you must resign your Senate seat BEFORE you run for President, If you are a Governor and want to run for President you must resign BEFORE you run for President), 
You can only be elected to ANY public office, no appointments, this includes Judges.  Supreme Court Judges can only hold office for 8 years.  Any decision based on another countries Constitution and not ours will be null in void and all who voted for it would be removed from office.. 
Anyone elected to office will get base of their state for pay and benefits.  If your state is below poverty level then you get a medium of the country.  No life time retirement for a few years of service, no Golden Parachute of retirement, health care.  Any law you pass, you cannot exempt yourself from it. 
You can't take over business, health care, education.  Everything would be like it was before 1900. Schools were responsible for teaching, period.  Education would come first, sports would come second. 
No government made agency can make law.  EPA, DEA, NSA Homeland Security.  All laws, all Appointments are made by Congress. 
The President cannot use Executive Orders to enact his will. ALL Executive Orders will have to be reviewed by Congress.  The President runs the country, not the Government. Two different areas. 
All people wanting to be President must have had Military experience or owned a business, or been a Governor of a state.  A community Organizer does not fit the bill, we have that at the present and it is a complete disaster.  The only people who agree with this current disaster are the people getting other peoples money.

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