Wednesday, April 2, 2014

School lunches

Okay,  I work the lunch room, everyday.

Now for all of you who believe you and your children are short changed on the school lunches.  (You are).

In this school all lunch trays are given a meat item.  (mostly chicken or beef)  Mostly daily, your child has a choice to get a potato, french fries or sweet potato fries.  Whatever is available that day.
One to three vegetables,
One to two fruits.
Or a salad.
And a milk.

Let's look at a typical lunch tray.

Chicken patty, clump of mashed potatoes, gravy available, a small scoop of carrots, half an orange and a small carton of milk.

Now let's look at what most of your children get. 

Chicken patty, clump of mashed potatoes and half an orange and milk.

Then they throw away the potatoes, half an orange and half the milk.

This is NOT all children.  There is a large group that fits this model.
There is about 10% who actually get a full tray and eat it.  The same goes for the children that bring their own lunches. 

If you are one of the few who actually pay your child's lunch, that's $1.70 in the trash.

Here at this school they allow Ala Carte.  It allows the company serving food a way to earn extra money.  Usually a meat item.  $1.50 each.

Your child can get a second tray for $1.70.

Now for those of you who send your little darlings to school with a lunch.  Don't start beaming yet 

Most of you will send your child to school with a lunchable.  Most of the time they trade with other student for parts of their lunch.

I see a few of the children with a sandwich, bag of chips, cup cake, raw carrots and a juice.

In most cases the only part of that lunch that doesn't make it to the trash is the chips and cup cake.

I can tell you since the schools are going by M. Obama's Lunch program, your child gets 2/3 to 3/4 less food than they did before this program started.

Before Obama's lunch program your child sat down with a tray FULL of food.
They had Mac and Cheese.  Rice, all kinds of potatoes.

With Obama's lunch they no longer get mac and cheese or rice.

Bottom line:  What your child gets today is much less then before Obama's lunch program.  No wonder so many schools are starting to opt out of her program.

Think about it.... Lunch program, Obamacare, Common core, all programs that are designed to destroy America from within.

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