Thursday, August 28, 2014


Listening to the news today.

We are being targeted by ISIS/ISIL for 9/11 attacks and Obama is doing NOTHING about it.   No he is interested in giving up our freedoms to the UN.  He wants to allow these TERRORISTS to become American Citizens.  He refuses to secure our border.  He attacks Americans.  He promotes racial tension.  Then when shit hits the fan, Obama ignores the dangers and plays golf.

Then we have a Congress who does nothing but talk.  "We're going to take him to court"... ARE YOU SERIOUS?


Obama is the most dangerous person to America.

Government has targeted our children. 
Let's start with Abortion.

Since Roe V. Wade.  Millions upon Millions children slaughtered.

Let's look at Schools.

The government has taken over our schools, turned them into Gun free zones.  Target rich environments for TERRORISTS, both foreign and domestic.

Then the government tries to blame the GUNS.

They took over meals, which the children hate.  They took sweets away and gives smaller portions then add no seasoning.  They are working at taking over what is taught to our children.  COMMON CORE.  There are enough horror stories of Common Core you can look it up yourself.  There are Teachers who love Common Core because of the money it gives schools.  Forget what it does to the education in America.

Now the Military.

The Government told our military we cannot carry guns on base.
Another Target rich environment.  We we saw several years ago.
A MUSLIM in the military, goes into a building and starts shooting.
Not a single military person could defend themselves, because of the Government.  Add insult to injury, the Government files it as workplace violence, Not a TERRORIST attack, which it was.

And now you....

NSA, IRS, EPA, all targeting you via Obama.

Time for you to do some soul searching.

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