Friday, May 16, 2014

The 50's

I keep wishing for America to revert back to the values, responsibilities of the 50's.  Where people were polite, helped each other.  Where most people in the world wished they live.

There were bad things in the 50's as well, Segregation, Poor race relations, Cold war fears of nukes.

We just finished the second world war.  Troops were coming home.  Starting families, jobs and business.

I woke up this morning and realized that Obama has taken us back to the 50's.

All the worse things of the 50's.

Promoting Race Wars,
Government Intrusion,
Cold War - fearing Nukes.
Fearing Being Attacked.

He has achieved this as well as destruction of Americas Health Care System, Doctors, Hospitals, Borders, Personal rights, Land Rights, and Business Rights.

We have government going after "We the People"
This government is killing citizens by the millions each year.
This government destroying our education system and in turn our children.
Corruption in the IRS, EPA, Education, USDA, just to name a few.
Then we have corrupt politicians holding office, at every level.
They refuse to live up to the oath they took.  This includes The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

All these branches of government has shown it's contempt for the Constitution, The very same Constitution they took an oath to protect and defend from enemies both foreign and domestic. 

We the people are so far gone with bribes from the government that we refuse to hold this government responsible.   Welfare, food stamps, extreme long term unemployment, free phones, free housing, free school lunches now they are going after our children with Common Core.

How many millions of tax dollars has the government spent on Obamacare?  Web sites, advertising, commercials and Common Core?   Trying to con us into thinking it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We have a President that refuses to hold the Office with the respect it deserves.
We have a Congress that refuses to uphold the Law.  Passes laws that they refuse to live under.  Exempt themselves from laws that would send us to prison, and gives themselves retirements that no business in America can afford.
We have a Supreme Court that ignores our Constitution.  When reviewing laws they look at other nations and their constitutions to reviews laws in this country.

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