Thursday, December 4, 2014

Act of TERRORISM in the USA!!!

What is wrong with this? 

You have two high profile cases in the news the last couple of weeks.
Where the Grand Jury found no crime committed by the officer. 

Both of these cases the dead black men had allegedly committed a crime, and it was caught on camera.
(how ironic in both cases they involved tobacco products)
Then in both cases they resisted arrest or attacked the police officer.
Then died because of their own actions. 

They were involved in a CRIME....
Got Caught..........
Refused to face Justice.......
and their own actions led to their deaths.

And now the AG, protesters and rioters want justice. 

So what is justice for committing a crime? 

Losing you business to looters?
Those same looters committing acts of Arson, to destroy evidence of their looting?

This is Justice? 

Crime plus Crime plus more Crime does not equal Justice.

This is TERRORISM!!!

Sponsored terrorism and race baiting by this President, A/G, black and Liberal politicians and the Liberal left religious leaders all who are fanning the flames of racism.

Time to wake up and smell the shit they are shoveling.

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