Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teachers changing scores?

There was a story yesterday where a group came in and graded students tests. 

The results were amazing....

The tests that the teachers turned in, showed the students understood and was able to grasp the subject they were taught that year.

The same tests that this group graded, (without teacher intervention) showed that the students failed completely.

Needless to say the Teachers Union is upset.

Now if the teachers changed answers before turing in the tests or not I don't know, yet the results speaks volumes.

Does this to help your child?  Or is it so the teacher can keep their job?

Add to that, Common Core where the correct answer doesn't matter.  Just that you somehow worked on getting the answer, even if it's the wrong answer.

Wake up America.  The truth is slapping you in the face and your are ignoring it. 

Government and government agencies are destroying this nation and you are ignoring that too.  It's been stomping you in the face for several years and you are so ignorant of the matter you can't see it or feel it.  As long as you get that free phone, Welfare, Food Stamps, Lifetime Unemployment.  What happens when the Corrupt Liberals are out of office and the truth of their actions bulldoze you over?

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