Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonder what you think now?

The American people were conned into voting for someone who had ZERO (0) ability to run a business let alone the Greatest Nation on Earth, and it shows. He has NO idea what hes doing.

What is his favorite line?

"I have Assembled the best " (fill in the blank) " in the nation".

So if he has assembled the greatest minds on the problems he is covering at that time, why is he not listening to them? Why is he on a track that does nothing but destroy this nation and its citizens? Why is he going after AZ on the immigration law that mirrors the Federal law? Why is he Hell bent on the destruction of America?

Why is he still in office? I suggest a no confidence vote and throw his ass out of office and politics. It may take 10 or better years to undo the destruction he has committed in a year and a half. If we let him go for 4 years it could take several lifetimes to undo his f**k ups.

You have heard him. He plans to jack electric power to the point where you will not be paying 100 a month but 1000 a month. That is what Obama wants and he said so. You listen and watch to alphabet news and they won't cover that....

His WH is a sinking ship. Now we hear 3 leaving?

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