Saturday, June 26, 2010

Americans are not paying ATTENTION!!!

I talk and listen to my fellow Americans and one surprise that pops out is they spew the lefts talking points but can't figure the truth from the lies.

Many Americans think Obama and Congress are doing a great job because they get a paycheck from Uncle Sam to sit home and NOT WORK!!!

We need to open soup kitchens and use that money that we give the misinformed and make then go out for their meals at a Government soup kitchen. Just like they did during the Great Depression Era.

Let the truth sink in. This Administration is BAD NEWS to Americans.

For those of you who say they can't - Fine you get your own food or starve.

I also think that any person that Attacks/Robs/Steal food from hard working Americans should be thrown in a work farm that supply meals to the masses.

Having to go to a food bank to eat ONE meal a day should wake up the American People to how bad this country has gotten by corrupt lifelong politicians.

Until we wake up and see what is really happening in America we keep losing our rights and freedoms at the hands of the CORRUPT FEW!!!!

Just look at the Campaign reform bill that passed in he House. If you are a Democrat seeking office and get funds from AARP, ACORN or one of many other Democratic friendly TAX SUPPORTED business you are fine but if you are other then Democratic you have to put the CEO and names of all people who support you in your ad? Except for the NRA.

This would be a way for the Party in charge to stay in charge.

One very easy way to fix that is to stop funding the Anti American groups that live off the American Tax Payer. Like Acorn that was caught telling people how to break the law instead of working within the law. These corrupt organizations feeding off the American People and being supplied by the Corrupt Congress.

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