Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unsure of American Leadership

I listen to Obama tell the American people he has been on the oil spill since day one.

He has.

His policy is to stall. He wants to destroy the American economy and this was his golden ticket to do it.

Who cares what the oil destroys? This will allow him to pass bills that will in the end, KILL America and Americans.

Just pay attention to what he and his staff are saying and what Congress is forcing through.

Americans are not on the fence yet. Once they get to the top they will see the truth and go after Obama and his country destroying policies.

Just wait and see till the end of summer. Obama will try to pass health care again, because the loss of health care for most Americans will hit in Sept. The other steps in this bill will hit the American people in Jan. That is when America will implode.

If you want to fix what Obama and his crooks have done we need to take back America and stop all funds to other countries and start taking care of Americans.

There are jobs out there and Americans need to swallow their pride and get to work. Stop expecting a hand out. Work for your money.

I also believe that Obama is not American born and if you paid attention to when Obama became leader of the free world. the only person who could shed light on the subject was suddenly dead. I think Obama had his grandma killed. She could throw a monkey wrench in Obama's plans.

It is kinda funny if you look at the big picture. She was fine until he won the election. The first thing he does is go to Hawaii and suddenly the only person to shed light on the truth is dead. I truly believe he had her killed to hide the truth.

But that is my opinion and I will continue to share my opinion to anyone who wants to learn the truth as I see it.

Nothing this so called leader has to say will change my mind. I feel that no one should hold the highest office in America without serving their country too. That means military service. Not like Clinton or Bush. I mean actual carry a weapon, march, follow orders and give orders. Being held responsible for your orders. Then taking the oath and mean every word. Not like today where they take the oath and in the next breath they spit on the Constitution and flip off the American People.


QuinnJ怡潔 said...

It is never too late to learn. ............................................................

Carl "sandmannc40" said...

I learn something new everyday.

That is why I only use Linux now. I learned that it was better than Windows and cheaper. I see more future in Linux than Windows or Apple. I like the Apple IPhone and IPad but I see Droid offers more and is cheaper than Apple and the IPad has several Linux rivals. I am moving towards Linux and loving it.
Learning something new everyday.