Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving Terrorists into America

While you did not pay attention.... HB1388 passes.

This bill will relocate Terrorists to American Soil via the Government.
$20,000,000.00 of tax payer money to ship in these Terrorists.

So where are they going to make the next Gaza Strip? Long Island, NY? New Orleans? Long Beach, CA?

Thank you Obama and Congress.

How much more do you need to vote these criminals out of office?

They are not looking out for the welfare of the American People. We need to step up and remove these Terrorists from Congress and the White House...

Don't be fooled these are Terrorists to the American People.

If you do nothing now it will be too late to do something then....

They will go through and force you to give up your weapons, and those who don't will be shot on site. This day is coming and soon if nothing is done. Jan next year 2011 all Hell is going to break loose.

You will already lose your health care in Sept. even after your savior Obama said you wouldn't , Tax breaks will end in Jan, Taxes will go up above that in Jan, EPA just got voted in as the master of air via the Congress. Your Electric, Water, Gas, Food, Phone and anything else that uses energy will climb 1000% and on top of all that the Obama wants to give you a 25% VAT that is above all other taxes. (Value Added Tax - VAT). I hear it will start off at a small % just like INCOME TAX. That started off at 1%. What % of Income Tax do you pay now? A Lot more than 1%. Unless you are one of those who refuses to pay taxes or are too lazy to work and are on food stamps and housing income from the Government.

I have been quiet on here for a long time. Now all those things I have been harping about are coming true.

So in the news today we find out that the Netherlands and other countries and companies have offered help in the Gulf oil spill. Where did it go - Straight to Obama. He denied it.

We could have had 40+ days of cleanup instead we spent the last 40 Days watching Obama's Tar Pit creep and Kill. This is not all BP's fault. Obama was offered this help HOURS after the rig crashed, and he refused it. He just sat on his hands and informed anyone would would listen that "He (Obama) was in charge since day one!)....

How much more do you need to see with your own eyes that this BOZO pretending to be President is in way over his head? Yea he can read a teleprompter but not much more.

So last question....

How it that hope and change you Voted for working out? I bet you are in a lot worse shape now than you were when Obama took office. He has thrown away 4 TRILLION dollars in one and 1/2 years, and he wants more of your money to throw away!!!

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