Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Impeachment

Turns out Obama received more money from BP than double anyone else!

bama wants to destroy America!

Obama is going after Americans!

Obama is a home grown Terrorist!

Yes he admits everything in his books and speeches if anyone bothered to listen or read. But no they listened and watched the Alphabet news services and they will never report the truth. Only what THEY want YOU to know. There is a difference.

Wake up America!!! Massive destruction of America by the Democratic party, the Congress and the President is under way.

Most of the Republicans in Office have sided with Obama. That means Most of Congress both Republicans and Democrats need to be removed from office.

Check everyone running for office and see their record not what they say. They will say anything to get elected. But read their blogs, their news articles, watch their television interviews. Get as much information about your candidates before they ran for office you could replace your Senator or Congressperson with someone more destructive than the one in office.

The States need to handle the Senators appointments like it was before it was screwed up by the progressives in the 1900's, thru the 30's. That means the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

Repeal of the 16th would be nice too. That is when the INCOME TAX was voted in, in 1913 along with the 17th. Look who was President at that time? Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921

Now let's look at the 16th. That was in 1913.... America started in 1776 and from 1776 thru 1913 America ran just fine.

The corrupt President and Congress at that time pulled a fast one. They waited until Christmas vacation and passed the bill with a majority present. Not the full Congress.

The progressives said that Senators should be voted by the people. This way the person with the most money wins. Where do they get the money? From the taxes they collect in the 16th Amendment.

You can trace the destruction of America back to this President and Congress.

All since then have added to this destruction.

Don't believe me? Look at the corruption is Congress right now

They refuse to listen to the people. They vote for the takeover of the Auto industry, the Banking industry, the Housing industry, Education, They want to take over wall street, they want to take over energy. This will complete the destruction of America.

Let's look at the stimulus money. All gone, and no stimulus. Just giving away TRILLIONS of taxpayer money to the people who helped Obama gain office. Can we prove it? No! But the money is gone and someone got rich and if you could followed the money trail it would lead right back to big money donors of the Democrats in power. But the trail is gone.

Just like the Health Care bill. "You have to vote for it in order to find out what's in it".
I believe that was what Pelosi said. While Obama lied to the American people time after time and calling anyone who called him a lier a racist. The truth comes out that Obama was lying. So who is the real "Racist"?

Obama has lied to the American people time and time again. Yet the American people do nothing because the corrupt news service otherwise known as the Alphabet news service, backs him up.

So until the real truth comes out the American people are blind and stupid. They are too lazy to find the truth for themselves. But if they do catch wind of the truth they are leaving the Democratic way of thinking faster than a round from a 50 Cal.

So how long will the American people wait until they seek the impeachment of Obama and the Democratic Leaders in Congress?

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