Saturday, January 30, 2010

Antique Malls

I went with my wife Antiquing today and was thinking what a shame. People selling off their life one item at a time. I was browsing through a fairly new Antique mall here in town. I was amazed at how everyday items wind up on some shelf in an Antique mall. Most of them over priced. I found anti-virus for a computer for $20. 7 years old. It will never work but they have it on sale. They even have the orginal sales tag on it. $37. Like that will justify the $20 price tag.

I see books from school (college) and they have $50. It was most likely $130 at the school book store because they can gouge the student body. Then the next isle there is a college school book for $1, it is of course 15 years old. You see audiobooks, books, clothes, magazines, records (for those who don't know what a record is as an older person). cups, plates, silver, pillows, dressers, beds, lamps, you name it you can most likely find it at an Antique mall.

This is not an ad for your local Antique mall. It is just a walk down memory lane. Some of these items I had as a child. It brings back mostly fond memories.

I remember things my grandmother had in her house. She had so much brass and wodden objects and walking around the Antique mall is see so many of those objects. It just brings back the memories. I think that is the main reason I Antique, for the memories. Of course I can't pass up a great find.

I even found items that I had purchased in Japan for my ex in an Antique mall. It is fun and you can do it for almost nothing. Spend several hours and not spend a dime. Just the cost to get there and back. That is a great way to spend an afternoon and to waste an hour or three.

Whenever we go on a trip we always stop at Antique malls. It breaks the drive and lets you stretch and enjoy a trip down memory lane. I have noticed that Antique malls in different parts of the country carry the identical items but also different items, like up north you will see more hockey sitcks than down south.

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