Friday, January 29, 2010

What Americans want

I heard a Bozo, (a liberal reporter) say what the American people want is Obama and Congress working together....


What we want is Obama and Congress to listen to the American People. Not push crap through that will destroy America and cause our great great grand children to pay for this guys socialist policies that will surely destroy this country.

We are at war with our government. The tea parties are getting bigger. More people are figuring out what is really happening to this great nation.

Our great nation is under attack from within. The brain washed government educated who think the government owes them a house, car, food, and spending cash from cradle to grave, are the ones who will be hurt the most if Obama gets what he wants. They will lose everything but are not smart enough to figure it out yet. They won't get the message until it is too late. Then it will be too late for everyone.

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