Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dicators Again corruption

I have several different blogs and I have alot of different responses.

Most of what I blog about is how corrupt our Government is. Both sides of the isle.

I live in Missouri and Clair McCaskill is Obama's foot stool. Will do anything Obama asks. She has lied to us time and time again. Said she will vote for health care, will not vote for health care, will vote for health care, will not vote for health care. Which ever side to the issue you belong and want to hear she covers that. She thinks that the other side will not hear what she says to the other side. She has to go. There are not any good canidates for Senate. Same for Congress.

Roy Blunt wants to become a senator and is going after the other Senate seat. I have an email where he said he is in favor of Obama care. Now he is saying he never was in favor of Obama care. Here is another one that cannot tell the truth if it bit him in the Ass. He is there only for the money.

We need to find someone to go to Washington that will look after us not themselves.

Greed is the destruction of America. Look at Washington. The most Corruptive ever to seat in Washington. Look at the canidates. There are not many that are up front with the people they want to represent.

If Obama continues on his course to destory America and the American dream. The only thing that will come out of the Obama Administration is Civil War. The people will revolt against a corrupt government. I know Obama wants this so he could claim Dicator of America. Be drinking buddies with Fidel and Hugo. The Dicators of the Americas.

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