Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dems now want, what America wants

Here is the perfect view of the Democrats.

They did not care what America wanted when they were in charge.

Now it looks like they will lose a lot of seats in Congress they are saying.

Now wait a minute. I was in favor of what Americans wanted. I was not voting the Democratic party line I was voting for the people in my State or District.

Now just go back and actually look at his/her voting record. Every Democrat voted the party line. There were a few that could vote against the party line because there were more than enough votes to pass. But when push comes to shove they all voted Democratic party line, not what the people wanted.

Now they are scared that they are going to lose their cushy very well paid and mega benefit jobs because the truth is coming out. They don't care about the people they just want as much as possible personal gain and to hell with the people from where they came from.

They see the writing on the wall and don't like what they see. Civil war is on the horizon and they know if that if Civil war hits America they will be the first ones to face the music. That is something they don't want. To go down in history as the party that tried to destroy America and the Americans were not dumbed down enough, they were able to figure it out.

We need to do a major reform in the Education system. They are teaching our kids down. The no child left behind was the worse thing ever to hit the American school system. I think we need to do what schools in other countries do. Full time schools. 6 days a week and no 3 month vacation in summer. That was for early America when the children helped out in the fields. Well, American Politians have decided to end the farms in America and go with Russian style farming. The state owns the farm and lets you work the farm for your daily pay. You don't work you don't get paid. That is where this Democratic party is wanting to take America. That way so in 20 or 50 years from now America and say we are part of the one world nation run by a tyrant and the world will last about 20 years until the people will decide that dying is better than living with a tyrant ruling over them.

America has never faced more bleek times than now. We have people wanting to destory America and everything America stands for.

Obama is not American, He was placed there by powers that be. You say he showed his Hawaiian Birth Certificate. He was not born in Hawaii. His Birth Certificate was given to him because his mom was American.

Important Note:
Why has he hidden everything with his birth records on them. If he was truly born in Hawaii then everything with his birth records would have Hawaii on it and would not have to be hidden.

Give some time for that to sink in.

Yes if it has Hawaii on it. It would not have to be in hiding. So why is he paying Millions to keep everything with his birth information on it secret?

All his college records that show his birth information and they are in hiding. Why? We already know he is friends with terrorist. Which he admits. Yet the alphabet news is in his back pocket nothing is made of it.

Fox news and Talk radio has been a thorn in Obama's side and he wants to destroy them. He wants blanket coverage. He wants to control the Internet. He wants to get bills passed that the American people know nothing about.

These are things to think about when you go to the ballot in Nov. Put someone in Congress that want to keep America Free and repeal the the laws these Democrats have passed to destroy America.

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