Sunday, January 17, 2010

Problems in California

I am glad I no longer live in California, the Government, Liberals and Illegals have succeeded in bankrupting the state. The liberals have been in charge for decades and look at the shape of California today. IOU's to pay it's workers.

I think if you look at the states with serious problems with money and Health care are the states with long term corrupt liberals in office.

This has all happened before in other countries and in other times. I just can't believe that there are so many uneducated Americans. What, they stop teaching History? You learn from history. Not Politicians.

You listen to Obama say I will have the most open Administration in History if I am elected. Obama gets elected and it is the most hush, hush secretive corrupt Administration in History. That is what happens when you hire a Bozo who has never ran more than a checkbook.

He was so proud of being a community organizer and now he is a foot kissing embarrassment to the United States. Doing secretive deals behind closed doors and he wants us to believe its for the betterment of all Americans when the only ones getting sweetheart deals are his friends and supporters. Not the American people.

The corruption is just oozing out of every orifice in Washington, D.C. and the states that are held by the liberals. There are problems with Conservatives too. Most of the conservative problems we have are liberals in conservative clothing. Look at New York. The conservative pulled out and threw her support behind the liberal not the true conservative. This is the corruption we are now facing in America.

I know there are plenty out there who disagree with me. But you just sit there and wait for your monthly welfare checks your food stamps in your government housing.


Igor said...

Obama qualifications to reform health care:

No birth certificate

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Difficulty telling the truth.

Narcissistic personality disorder.

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Carl "sandmannc40" said...


Thanks, I see you have a copy of Obama's bogus birth certificate. Keep up the good work.