Monday, July 27, 2009

Racist Government

I just read a great website that shows just how corrupt the Democrats really are.

When a Radio DJ put on his blog that he would like to see Obama's birth records because there is an uproar across America to ensure that Obama is within the Constitution to hold the oval office.

They replied by calling him a racist because Obama is the first black President.

My response to that is: Nope, he has not proven to be the first black President.

The biggest political crime in American History is happening right now. According to the Constitution the man in the oval office is a fraud. He has not proven his eligablity to hold office.

Why has the Congress refused to bring this up? We have heard nothing from Democrats or Republicans. For that matter any other political party.

That is where we come in. Insist on the truth.

Demand from your Congressman/woman and Senator to demand proof of eligability.

If they refuse then we need to remove them from office. This only ensures how corrupt our government really is. We need to take our government back.

So we need to put the stop to anything the Democrats and Obama wants.

Once he brings forth the truth, and it turns out he is a fraud, we need to impeach him and the Democratic leadership for allowing this fraud in office.

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