Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay, now here is the real question:

How corrupt does this Government have to be before the American people say enough is enough.

It seems that it is starting to flow that way.

Congress is starting to get backlash from the American people.

Not reading the bills.... Just pass it. BILLIONS in earmarks.... Corruption....

The Democrats are pushing the Democratic Congressmen and Women into pushing this administrations foul and corrupt agenda on the backs of the American people.

The American people who pay attention to what is really going on are starting to inform the Congress that they are there at the pleasure of the American people in that State, not the party.

Most of the American people are like sheep being lead to the slaughter.

They believe whatever the bias news media a.k.a. Obama's propaganda machine spews.

They are too stupid or lazy to pay attention to what this administration is really doing to this country.

They are destroying it.

They have now asked for 30 thousand more Army troops. They even said it was not for the war effort.

Wait for 6 months and Obama will send troops into the streets of America. To try to take over America.

They are going to ask for your weapons. Your Gold and Silver. They are going to demand that sights like this one be closed.

They want to shut down talk radio. They want to shut down the internet. The only news will be via Obama's propaganda news agency.

You don't think it can happen? Think again. This is what happens when you elect someone who hates America. Sitting in a church that spews hate week in and week out.

Obama said he never hear that. BULLSHIT That is a lie.

The bias news agency elected this fraud.

He is not even American, if he is why is he hiding his birth records?

Flying 747's low level in New York. Not spending more than two nights in the White House since he got elected, Like the Saddam Hussein.

How much is this costing the American People for all his traveling? How much did the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate spend on trips on the backs for the American people.

Why are the corrupt Democrats not wanting to close the borders?
Oh yea! Those are illegal voters. Illegals sucking our resources. These folks in Washington are there to abuse the power given them any way possible.

So Obama is getting pissed that HIS Health Care is not getting passed.

I agree that Health Care needs reforming, but not Obama's way.

We need to remove Governments power from our lives not give it more.

Everything the Governments touches turns to shit. Lets look at Governments stellar record:
All the assorted Departments across the Government.

There are so many aspects of this corrupt administration too many to cover in here.

I love it when some jackass writes me and says its President Bush's fault.

WRONG..... President Bush has been out of office long enough to make this cash cow known as the Obama administration responsible for all the corrupt bills slid through Congress.

Wake up America..... Smell the SHIT Obama is shoveling. Call your Congressmen and women call your Senators and tell them NO to what Obama wants.

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