Monday, July 27, 2009

Illegal aliens free ride?

Illegal aliens free ride?
So now illegal aliens can now go to work and not worry about being thrown in jail or exported out of the country.

OBAMA has bypassed the Congress and now Illegals don't have to worry about being exported. No problem in using our Health Care. You broke out of prison in Mexico, Come on over, no problem. You married? No problem.

Bring in your whole family.

Obama will take care of you...

He may even put you up in the White House for a few days.

You want to talk about America on the brink of war/collapse?

This racist affirmative action non American con man pretending to be the President is driving this country to another civil war. The only problem is he will fail.

I guess its now time to defend myself and family. Obama has refused to close the borders. He is letting terrorist freely into the country.

I think its time to send him a message. Cameras in the home, gun by the bed.

By the way...........If I was that cop being called stupid by the President, I would not show up to the White House for that beer.

Never expose yourself to the enemy. Obama is the enemy. He has made a point to destroy America and we have to shut down the Obama machine. Corruption.

Let's look at Obama. He has hidden his birth records, that can only mean he is not an American. The bogus birth certificate he has pushed on the American people is false.
He knows it and so do the American people. Soon there will be no troops going overseas.
They go because the commander in chief sends them there. If he is not an American than he is not the commander in chief. No control over the military. This is why he wants brown shirts his personal army.

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