Sunday, July 19, 2009

History forced to repeat?

I was watching History Channel and a show was on about Hitler.

Hitler forced the German Parliament for more power and take over of main businesses.

Obama is forcing Congress for more power and has taken over most of the important businesses here in America.

Hitler was not German. Obama is not American.

We need to stop Congress from passing Cap and Trade. a.k.a. Cap and TAX.... And we need to stop Obama Care. I agree that Health Care system needs overhauling but not at the health of our health care system. Insurance, Government, Hospitals and Doctors are the ones that need reforming not us.

We need to stop Congress and Obama from forcing bills through without being read. This is pure corruption when people cannot read the bills until they become law. Then find out how the Government wants to screw us.

If Cap and Trade gets passed, everytime you flip a light switch you wind up paying a tax. Everytime you go somewhere in your car you pay a tax. You want to sell your house you have to retrofit your house to Green Energy before you can sell. You have to put a new roof on before you sell your house. A Government approved roof. Not a brick, wood, slate, asphalt, tin, brass or grass roof.

Obama care is even worse than cap and trade.

Call your Congressmen and women and Senators and tell them 'NO' to cap and trade and 'NO' to Obama care. Do it now before its too late. Let them know you will vote them out of office if they follow Obama's roadmap to destruction.

Only YOU can save America.

Don't let America wind up like Hitler's Germany. Broken and destroyed.

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