Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The more I watched the news the more I am sure that there is going to be a revolution in America.

The news media can no longer report the truth and the American public is starting to catch on.

How far will this farce go until the revolution becomes a reality. The news media is pumping out trash claiming that it is news.

This inauguration is going to be a bad one.

A co-worker of mine said if Barry was a white guy and changed his name to a muslin name and then decided to run for office and refused to give any information about himself. Then start his presidential run in a terrorist living room. Not only would he be laughed off the national stage he most likely would be arrested as a possible terrorist.

But because Obama is black everything is alright. Let's give this black man a free pass.

" Can he do the Job?"

Who cares, he black and was able to smooth talk (that means to lie) and get himself 365 Million dollars of American tax payers money. Talk about swindling American people, with the help of the press he was able to do that.

Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are both run by the government using tax dollars. They can't and shouldn't us tax money to boost the canidate of their choice. Using MY MONEY!!!

The press would broadcast the fact that this candidate and that candidate that were Republican got 1/2 million dollars from Fanny and Freddie. But 365 Million Obama got from Fanny Mae was not touched by the national media.

So does America need a Revolution again, or can we just wipe everyone from congress and start all over again in the way the founding fathers wanted.

To run as a one or two term congressman or senator. Then bow out of the national stage. Then can run again for one or two terms in the state. Then leave and go back to the private sector.
If you run for President you loose your current job. No nets. You want to run for the big office you have to make big choice. Loose my current job or keep it and not run for President.

So what better way to run as President than to loose your curent job and put all the marbles in. You either win and go for another four or eight years or you find yourself in the private sector again looking for a job like everyone else. Having the same problems as the average American.

No Lifetime Health care that no one in the world could afford. No special retirement. No special pay. No earmarks. No public health care no taxing the American public till they bleed.

This is the way we need to put America back to the top. If the Democrats say you need to have the lifetime politicans, the answer is no.

In the beginning there was a job to do and we had candidates that ran on the off chance they would get the job as President. Today they want to make politics their lifes mission. Never hold down a real job. Just lie to the public and line their pockets with cash one way or another.

There are so many crooks in the congress that passes a bill that makes this highway change. Then find out that this or that politician owns the property that the new highway is moving thru.
They then get more money from the government for the land. than it was worth before the bill was passed.

Two Terms Max.

Here in MO there is a politician that said he would not seek relection. Hello he has been in the service of the state for the last 40 years.

This is not meant to be a lifetime job but a privelage to serve.

Lets see how many politicians would be there when the money dried up. Make congress and senate seates volunteer. Without pay. How many would be there next week?

Stop making it a free lifetime benifets job. Have them work for us and not themselves.

A short story on how crooked politicians are. When my mom wound up going to Holland, she had to get a passport in a hurry. They charged us in total $220.00 for a $40.00 passport. When questioned on this price inflation. The answer was to grease palms. This is how our corrupt government officals work.

Not all politicians are crooks but the ones that are, are the ones that speak out.

The other problem I have is the difference between Blacks and N_____. There is a politician in congress that is black. He is black but he is also a N____. Every other word out his mouth is racist. He is the biggest racist there is.

I am so tired of listening to his racist views. He thinks he is so full of himself. The only thing he is full of is what gets flushed down the toilet. This is where he needs to be, flushed down the toilet.

Sandman .

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