Friday, January 30, 2009

Alaska Volcano

Have you seen the possible eruption of a volcano in Alaska?

It is rumbling and spitting and getting ready to blow. Another Mt. St. Helen?

Keep your eyes on the internet/television.

Earth in action.

This may tie into the end of the world that we have all heard of. Its less than 4 years away.

You know Al Gore has managed to pull the wool over the people of the world about global warming. Everyone says what about the loss of the polar bear stomping grounds? Melting away. It is a cycle. Even the top dog at the U. S. Weather says its a hoax. There is no global warming. The politicians who did the study of global warming removed the times when the Earth had a cool down. So it is looking that humans have been warming the earth for centuries.

Well there are no cars and trucks back in the 12th century but the Democrats want you to beleive that the humans burned more wood than there is on earth to bring up the CO2 levels to fit their charts. Again by removing the cold times it looks like the earth is warming when it is not. Al Gore earned tons of money on a lie. Typical Democrat.


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