Saturday, June 8, 2013


Funny, almost never heard of France24 News Service before.

Not Until our government started going after American reporters.

Now almost all the breaking News America gets is from outside the United States.

Everything inside the United States is Censored and Propaganda.

Remember that the next time you watch CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and FOX.
Censored news is nothing new for FOX, they try to stay off the Propaganda train but they do censor their news.

You want news, France24, BBC, English speaking newspapers outside the United States.  There are some local Newspapers that report the news but only on their little leaf of the tree.

Even with breaking news, A building collapse or a shooting or even a bombing, the news you get from American broadcasters is so far skewed to the left that all you hear is that it was some conservative, or an NRA member, or some local hate group.  When in most of the cases it's a Democrat, living on food stamps, and government assistance and/or a terrorist from a Muslim country.

This Government does not want you to put two plus two together.  Cause if you get four then this Government is done for.

Living in a country that no longer secures it's borders, allows terrorists in and goes after American Patriots. This is the corrupt country we live in today.

We have judges that swear to uphold the Constitution and then vote against it, time after time.

We have Congressmen and women and Senators who do the same.  There is a Democrat that can't hardly stand, belongs in a nursing home and is elected to Congress to vote not on his little part of the state but what ever the party wants.

Think about it.  Most of Congress, mostly the Liberals on both sides of the fence and most Democrats are nothing more than rubber stamps for the party.  They no longer represent the citizens from their district or state.  They are mere rubber stamps for the party.  Even RINO's Republicans in name only, vote for the Democratic wants.

I am from MO and I have found that both Senators are Democrats even though one is a registered Republican.  After listening to him praise how great ObamaCare is.  (and I voted against him and showed all my friends the email I got from him telling me how great ObamaCare was and he was voting for it). He still got elected.  Don't believe me, look at his voting record.  It is all leaning Democratic, he votes Republican when the people start to get angry with him for selling them down the river.  When they forget he goes back voting with the Democrats.  The other Senator not once voted for the people she represents.  Only the party that helped her get into office.

Just look at their voting record.  When you do.  Remember to look at the totals, and then count how many voted.  I bet you will find where they are trying to change what you see.

Do you think the scandals are important?  Benghazi, IRS, EPA, Monsanto, Elections, Gun Control, Fast and Furious, and so many more.

Not really, they are there to divert your attention from something even more important.

We have a corrupt Government, Corrupt Congress, Corrupt Judicial and a Corrupt President.  People are starting to feel the pain of this President and Congress.  At what point do the Citizens say enough is enough, give back my Country.  

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