Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Has anyone read the Bible?

We were reading the last book of the Bible.

It happens to be the book of Revelation.

This is the book that tells you what is going to happen to the world in the end of times.

We have a preacher that knows the bible good.  He uses the bible to tell us what is going on and what GOD led him to tell us.

If you are a Christian and have not read the bible yet?  DO IT NOW!!!

If you are not a Christian but is interested in what it has to say, go to a DAV store, or a Salvation Army store.   You can usually get a bible for a few bucks.  You can go to the "Everything's a Dollar" store and get a full bible even LARGE PRINT for a single dollar.

You look at Muslims, they claim to be the Religion of Peace.  Where are they killing each other?  Muslim countries.  They lie, just like Obama does.  Hmm, wonder if there is a connection there, since he grew up Muslim.  Tells baby killers "GOD bless you".  You have to wonder.

The bible has stories in it that make you believe in GOD and Heaven.

If you never read it, you will never know it.

I just want to let everyone know, if this government has gone to the trouble to hate Christians, Patriots, Conservatives and Gun owners, there must be something there.

Look at our courts, have ignored the Constitution, and blocked the will of the people.  Forced Muslim Law on us while ignoring the Christian law and the Constitutional Law.

The Bible tells us this is going to happen in the end times.  I want to live in glory forever.

The only way for that to happen is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior with all your heart.

Read the Bible and try to live a Christian life.  Even if that will cause your death in the end.  You will be honored in the end and have everlasting life.

If you don't believe, You will burn forever in the lake of fire.  I would rather live in Heaven with like minded people vs lake of fire with haters forever.

It's a simple choice.  You have nothing to lose if you die and go nowhere, but if it is true, it would be nice to know you are on a path to living forever with GOD.

There are too many stories of people who died for a short time and came back from the dead to tell the stories of GOD, Heaven and in some cases HELL.

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