Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Television, Records and Films oh my.

Has anyone noticed that this government has destroyed America?

We used to be able to put up a wire and grab a television channel.  Watch it. Enjoy it.  There may be some snow in the picture but you could watch it just about anywhere.

Then someone decided to move to digital....  You can no longer watch broadcast TV unless you have a special Television or a special box connected to your tube television.

Think about it?

How about Records, for those of you who don't know what a record is, that is one of those 12" black disk with a groove in it, that a needle goes into the groove and sound comes out of it.  One thing about records, if a little piece of dirt was on the record you would hear very loud POP's when the needle hit it.

Yes, if you attach a needle to a paper cone you can listen to the record.

Some records were 45's, 78's and the popular 33 1/3.

My grandmother had hundreds of 78's.  They were about 9" and much thicker than a 33 1/3.  The numbers refer the rpms.  45's were the small 6" records with large hole in the center.  Usually 45's had one song per side.  78's and 33 1/3's had several songs per side.

Some moved to reel to reel tapes.

Then came CD's

Digital, so you could get better sound quality.  But again you need special equipment to listen to the CD's.

Then theres Film.

Yes, Film was a series of pictures.  To play back the film, shine a light through the film and project the picture to the screen.  If you were not interested in the sound you could look at the film on top of a light table and if you move the film at about 32 frames per second you had life like movement.

Then they came up with VHS's and Beta.  Beta did not make it.  VHS became king.  Then someone decided to go digital with a DVD.  Higher quality picture and sound.  Bluray will allow higher quality.  Again you need special equipment to watch it.  It's just a piece of plastic, cost a few cents to make and they charge you big bucks.

Just a few things to think about next time you put on a CD, DVD or your Flat Screen Television.

People are starting to revert back to Film and Records.  They know what was good.  What worked.  

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