Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Move to New York Commercial

There is a commercial about New York and moving there.  Lower taxes.  Better schools, better living.  Huh?  We are talking about New York, USA right?

New York has one of the highest tax rates in America.  So according to the commercial anybody that moves to New York will get lower tax rates than the people who live there?

Or is this just a lie to get you to move to New York and then reality sinks in, everything they said was a lie, and you fell for it.

Same with California, and several other states.

If you want to move to a state with lower taxes than your paying. 


There are several states that have ZERO (0) state taxes.  New York is not one of them.

Anyone who falls for this ploy, deserves being shackled to the state by taxes.

You only have to read, use the internet.  If you don't have a computer or smart phone, there is the library, most libraries have computers that allow you to surf the internet.  If the library itself does not have the information you are seeking the internet does.  Problem with the internet information you can't trust some sites like Wikipedia.  That is a propaganda site.  They allow anyone to modify the information without checking.

Some places on the internet no longer there.  Links are there but the site is gone.  I can think of about 40 to 50 sites that are no longer available.

So don't move to New York unless you have in writing that your taxes will not go up for a period of like 10 years.  That gives you time to move again to another state that is going to give you zero to very low tax rates.

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