Monday, March 4, 2013

What happened to America, and for that matter the World?

During WWII America became the greatest nation on the Earth.   America was the best, we had manufacturing, Jobs, Education, Schools and Medical.

Then what happened?

Supreme Court allows Roe V Wade.  They decided that it was fine for America to Kill Unborn Babies, and God no longer blessed America.  Then the LEFT started funding abortions using tax payer money. 

You can actually see the destruction of America from that point in time.

We just lost Vietnam, because the Democrats wanted to run the war from Washington, D.C. instead of letting the Generals in the field do what they trained for.  Telling what targets are off limits?  OFF LIMITS in WAR?  Only the Left.

Before this time people could travel the world in peace.  There were no Drug Lords in Mexico, there were no Muslim Terrorists back then.  Today the Muslim Terrorist have on thing on their mind.  Destruction of the Planet.  Don't believe me.  Just look in the middle east.  They are killing each other because of the way they pray.  Does your forehead touch the ground or not.  They have no problem bombing women and children.  They don't care who they kill.  They hide behind children.  They are Cowards.  Look at Bin Laden.  He grabbed a women to hide behind when Seal Team 6 cornered him.

You want to trace the problems in the world today.  These are the standouts.  Corrupt Politicians, mostly Liberals, Corrupt Press who refuse to report the truth and Muslims.  And who are all of them blaming?  Christians.

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