Saturday, March 30, 2013

Governments push.

Obama on his soap box about people control (gun control) with all those women behind him who lost children to guns. 

I am sorry for those mothers who lost children.  But, that should not infringe on my right to protect my family and property.

Now what is the reason for all these shootings?  GOVERNMENT.

The Government has made it a crime to punish your children. 
Think about it, they even want to make home schooling a crime.  Why?

They can't BRAINWASH these children.  Look at common core.  Look at what they are teaching and what they are not.  Not just what is taught in the classroom.  You can't have those pencils and crayons that your parents got you, because Johnny's mom can't or won't buy those for him so we have to take yours and share it with all the kids that don't have any. 

Sound familiar?  Share the wealth. 

You don't want to work?  We will just steal from those who do, and give to those who don't want to work.  Obama's work plan.  Education policy?

They have forced school kids from playing like we did. 

We played Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers and I don't know of any of us who killed another.   Dodgeball, tag, hide and seek.  All these games are banned from school today.  Awards for playing, no winners or losers.  In life there are always winners and losers.  Brainwashing children to think there are not losers, that just because you showed up, your a winner.  

Sound familiar?

But we did not have violent video games that let you kill or be killed and get back up and do it again.  We had to use our imagination, things we saw on Television and real life.  Today's children are exposed to much more violence today then we ever were.  Then they are not allowed to express themselves.

Lastly, there is no discipline.  No discipline, at home, no discipline at school and the parents that do discipline, are undermined at school by teachers and other children.  

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