Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Are you better off today then you were before Obama got elected?

Let’s look at where things have gone.

Jobs - down - way down

Gas prices - up - way up

Electric costs (coal) - up - way up

Obamacare - disaster - Higher taxes and lower paying jobs.

People control (GUN control) - Politicians are scared.  Imagine if Cyprus citizens had guns?
The government would not be stealing their money.

Year long unemployment - up - makes people lazy, refuse to look for work.

Food stamps - up - lower paychecks/no paychecks

Illegal Aliens - up - way up.  11 Million people on welfare, foodstamps

Government goes to Mexico and tells illegals how to get on foodstamps.

Food prices - up - way up

Crime - up

Gay marriage - distraction from the economy.

Education - down - way down.  Children are graduating without the ability to read, write or do math.

Censorship - up - way up.  They lie and the sheeple follow blindly.

Propaganda Media - Refuse to report the truth.  Whatever the Liberal stance is, is what you see on all the major news channels.

Housing costs - Government involvement created a disaster.

Over paid Politicians - and they want more money.

Politicians passing laws against you and me, then exempt themselves from the very same laws.  Insider trading, Obamacare, wasteful spending.

Sequestration - Shut down White House tours but finds hundreds of millions of dollars to send to countries that hate us.    Let them hate us for free.

Billions of hollow point bullets -  to go after the American citizens.  No other reason.

The robbery of Social Security for political gain.

The robbery of the U.S. Postal service for political gain.

Stimulus money - pay back Obama supporters.

Solar Energy - gets hundreds of millions of dollars and go bankrupt with our money.

Identity Theft - Government using Social Security number  (not for identity)  for identity.

Governments stealing of wealth - look at Cyprus, now they are also looking at Spain, France, Italy. 

 Our President has already started stealing the money from Americans.  He keeps saying the rich must pay their fair share.  70% of what you make is more than fair.  Problem is the rich in Obama’s book, is anyone who has a non governmental job.

People are starting to feel the pain of Obamacare.  They all thought they would get free health care, what they are getting is a gutted health care system.  Many Doctors are quitting.  How about the Government forcing Doctors to ask if you own a gun?

Obama has taken 4 vacations in the last 3 months costing the American Taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.  

Vice President Biden costing the American taxpayers over 3/4 of a million dollars for one night in Paris.  Over a half a million for one night hotel cost.

Are you better off today then you were before Obama got elected?

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