Saturday, March 16, 2013

Are you the Problem?

A man is standing at a rally holding a sign that says "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic".

This is what they don't want you to understand.

If there is a work ethic then there would be no one on Welfare.  Everyone would be working and Congress would not be digging you your pockets to pay for the freeloaders, Congress would not have to rob SSN, MEDICARE, POST OFFICE and steal from it's CITIZENS while exempting themselves and giving themselves payraises.

We would have money to send man back into space, we would have money to fix the roads, military be a great nation once again.

But we elected criminals to the White House and Congress who are stealing from you, your children and their children to pamper to a few freeloaders.

If you refuse to accept the truth you are the problem.

You accept welfare instead of looking for work, accept Obama welfare (unemployment) instead of looking for work, sending your children to government schools instead of sending them somewhere, where they can understand the difference between working for it or just given to you for being there.

Accepting food stamps when you don't need it.  But you say I need it.  No you voted for it or refused to vote for the Constitution and the way of American life that brought your parents, grandparents or great grandparents to this once great nation, and now you are the problem.

Are you the Problem?

Will you be the solution to the problem?

Will you allow these criminals you voted for steal your weapons the 2nd Amendment gave you?

Will you accept their imperialism?

Will you accept their enslavement of you for their gains?

If you vote for Liberals, Democrats, Republicans your are voting to continue the status quo.  You vote for the Tea Party, Constitutionalist, to take America back to what your parents, grandparents or great grandparents came to this nation for,

How will you vote?

Accept the word of a liar, or use commonsence to understand the way we are going is the wrong way?

Socialism has never worked, no matter where it has been tried.

Another problem, we have allowed GOD to be taken out of America.

I can almost find the end of America's greatness.  The day it happened.
This would be the day the U.S. Supreme Court voted against life in ROE v WADE.

GOD knew you when you were still in the womb.

GOD has been taken out of government, schools, businesses and you wonder why GOD has forsaken you. 

GOD has not forsaken you, you have allowed these criminals you voted into office to forsake him, and then you refuse to protest it, refused to voice your opinion, refused to take time out of your busy day to see what your government has done.

You refuse to believe that politican that sat in Church with you last year would vote against you and GOD when he got elected.

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