Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's Plan

After listening to Obama's plan - same story.  Obama complains that Congress will not work with him.  Obama still wants to blame President Bush for all his problems.

Look at Successful Presidents who was able to fix what was wrong - Reagan and Clinton.  They were able to fix alot of what was wrong because they were able to work with others.  Something Obama is incapable of.

If anything the people who watched the DNC saw a party that was running in circles trying to put out fires.  God, Unemployment, economy, oil and ObamaCare just to name a few.  Then there were the speakers who just flat out lied - and when they were caught in the lie they blame the reporter for bringing it up. 

Is this the party you want to continue to Destroy America?  Or do you want to go back to the Constitution, where YOU have the Rights and the Government works for you?

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