Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama has diminished the Office of the President of the United States...

Did you hear the latest?

Obama has refused to meet with Israel's leader Netanyahu  says his schedule is too busy to spare any time for Israel's leader.

Instead he announces his appearance on Letterman.

So do you think Obama has the pulse of whats happening overseas?

Not on your life.  Obama is the most inept President since Carter.

He is more interested in getting re-elected than whats happening in the world.  A sign of a piss poor leader.

We could be facing WWIII and Obama is doing NOTHING!!!

The briefings they hold for Obama everyday and he refuses to go.  Interferes with his fund raising and golf.  

The people who held up Obama as the greatest thing since sliced bread is now backing off.  They see he is refusing to uphold the responsibility of the Office.

He thinks its a joke and so are the American people. 

I think we should IMPEACH him for - Failure to perform the duties as President.

His record that he is avoiding will prove it 110%.

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