Monday, June 25, 2012

FORWARD the destruction of America.

Let the wealthiest Americans pay for it.   

That is all you hear from Obama. 

Let's look at that in depth.

Your boss is going to hire 2 people - he has to pay their Healthcare. 
He is going to have to cut something from you to hire them, its only 3% to 15% you won't miss it.  But don't worry.  Your healthcare is taken care of.  Of course you have to pay your fair share of Healthcare.  It's not free you know. 

Obama raided Medicare of hundreds of billions of dollars so he could fund and hire IRS Agents.   This is Health care in America now?  IRS?  What happened to Doctors? 

You can always get foodstamps.  

Welcome to the Socialists States of America.  (Where illegals have more rights than citizens).

Freedom is gone.  America is gone.   

You now have the Government flying Armed drones in America.  They are spying on YOU!  (No outcry).  They want to let the UN take away your guns.  (No outcry).  They have already taken away your right to good health care.  (No outcry).  When they stop you from speaking, stop you from defending yourself, and stop you from eating what you want to eat.  There will be No outcry, you did not cry out when they were taking away your freedoms I should not hear any outcry when they kill you wife, husband, child, parent, family member or friend.

This is the HOPE and CHANGE you voted for almost four years ago. 

Do you really want to go down that path? 

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