Friday, September 7, 2012

There will be 3 reasons to vote

I have been watching and listening to both the RNC and the DNC.   There are three reasons to vote this election.

#1  The Constitution.  People who believe in this great document and want it to continue to be the cornerstone of this nation.  This President is destroying it daily.  Get rid of Obamacare the largest tax on the American people in the history of this country and at the same time destroying the greatest medical system in the world.  People from other countries will have to find some other country to get their ills treated.

#2  God and Country.  God is still the backbone of this country.  The DNC starts out without God and after getting lambasted by Republicans decided to put God and Israel back into the platform and after taking three voice votes all sounding equal and then they read the teleprompter and lied and said that two thirds of the delegates affirmed the change.  It has been shown over and over and if there was no picture of the teleprompter you would know they lied about the two thirds but with the picture you know for sure there is a serious problem with the DNC.

#3  The Lazy.  This President has done everything in his power to destroy this country.  War against domestic oil, coal, the rich, the Constitution, the right to bear arms and so many more issues.  What is wrong with this nation?  Let's start with Obama Welfare.  Yes you know it as Unemployment as long as Obama is President.  They no longer hide the fact that they  are targeting Illegals for food stamps.  My money going to illegals to keep them here then allowing them to vote.  (If you still believe that illegals can't vote your an idiot that does not deserve the right to vote,  The Democrats have said many times this election cycle that illegals are the mystery voting group, they will either vote Obama back into office or vote for America - the America that the world has hated because they could not be Americans.)

These are things that I notice and you do too.  The only difference is I believe in the Constitution and the rights it gives us and if you feel the same way I do then we have no problem.  If you do not believe the way I do then you are living with your head in the sand.  Ignoring the truth. and destroying this country.  By the time you figure it out it will be too late - for all of us.  You will see a second Civil War in America this time it won't be the North against the South.  It will be the Constitution against the corrupt Government that now has all the power.  You have to make the choice.

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