Monday, July 5, 2010

The Last 4th in America?

So I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July Weekend. I also hope you have taken the time to remember why we have this holiday.

Our Revolution from the British was a build up over 100 years of massive taxation without representation just like we have today. The Income tax was forced upon the American people back in 1913. Now Our government have forced Massive taxes on the American people and our Representatives and Senators are ignoring the people. So we are back to taxation without representation.

If History repeats itself we are due to another Revolution/Civil War between the Massive Government and the people they were to take care of. That no longer take care of but rules.

The massive stimulus package that produced $10.00 an hour temporary jobs and it cost the American tax payer $700,000 per job. Where did the $650,000 that did not go to the worker go? Kickbacks to the Senators and Representatives? You are talking over half a million per each worker. The corruption and fraud in this Administration and Congress is so ramped that we need to vote them all out of office.

Here are some more things to think of.

The Federal Government taking over 2/3's of the Automotive industry. Then the automotive industry proudly tells the American people that they paid back the loans from the government - but what they didn't tell you is they used American tax payer money to pay back American tax payer money. So they still owe us Billions.

The Federal Government has taken over the banks in America. Telling banks who they can and can't loan money too? Think about that. What banks can stay open and which ones have to close.

The Federal Government has refused to secure our borders, and are attacking our states that do enforce federal law.

Lets look at what has really proven to be the way of corrupt government that we are having to put up with now...

Let's look at Health Care. 60+ percent of the Americans don't want government controlled health care. The takeover of health care was in the face of the American people. Then the lies from the President where he promised if you like your health care you will not lose it. That was a lie to the first degree and now the Anti-Government Health Care is up to 75+ percent of the American people.

The Federal Government has done nothing for 70 days on the gulf oil spill. Everyone trying to figure out why. The 71 day Obama comes out with the Cap and Trade bill to take over energy in America. This will cause Gas to rise to unusable amounts. $8 to $12 dollars a gallon. Electricity will go from an average of $100 - $120 a month to $800 - $1200 a month. You can't believe what Obama says. Everything he has told you to date has been a lie.

Let's look at Congress passing 2000 page bills without ever reading a page of it. How many times have this happened? It turns out that Congress no longer writes the bills that Congress votes on. It is special interest groups that write the bills that favor and even pad the bills to get extra money and Congress refuses to read the bills.

The CBO Congressional Budget Office who read and figure out the cost of the bills have now been silenced. Obama brings the boss of CBO to the White House and after those meetings the CBO now just rubber stamps the corrupt bills.

The latest bit of news is Obama is trying to sneak through a bill that would end elections of officials. We would wind up with a dictator unelected.

An Army like Hitler had. The SS. This is what Obama wants and has repeatedly said it but the Obama news service will not report it. But talk radio does.

This is why Obama has targeted Talk Radio and Fox News Service. He wants to get rid of them so they will stop spreading the truth. Just like the Internet. Onama wants to shut down the Internet so the truth cannot be passed.

The Supreme court said that the people have a right to bear arms. There are a number of lawsuits going to get in front of the Supreme court that will push and push until the 2nd Amendment is lost forever. This way the Government can takeover America and no armed uprising. The people will be forever bound to corrupt officials until the Americans will to be free is awaken. As it is now.

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