Friday, July 23, 2010

Impeachment of Obama?

There was a Congressman who called for the Impeachment of Obama.

I bet Olbermann and all those idiots at MSNBC peed all over themselves to attack this Congressman on behalf of Obama.

These are the groups that are helping Obama destroy America. The liberal press, you know ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HLN and MSNBC. They cannot tell the truth.

For those of you brainwashed by the Government Schools and the liberal press. Do something to help this country. Join the military. Do your part to protect this country and all it stands for.

Then you will see the outrage that I see. The criminals in Washington, DC passing 2000+ page bill after bill unread. Stuffed with trillions of dollars of corruption against the American people in each bill. Flat out refusing to listen to the people who put them there. Taking over everything in sight. Wall Street, Banking, Auto and Health Care. Destroying jobs left and right and then giving the unemployed a few dollars week after week to shut them up. Then we have the corrupt Democraps getting up in Congress say the Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves for keep food from the mouths of babies.

No all Congress should be ashamed for destroying a once great nation.

This corruption is in both parties. It it time to throw out the lifetime politicians and put REAL Americans in Washington.

Every day the Democraps and Obama are in office is one day closer to Civil War.

You want to know what is really happening in America? Listen to talk radio and watch Fox News. Get a real dose of reality not the crap the liberal media is pushing on you.

Wake up America!!!

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