Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama's Destruction of America

I saw an MSNBC anchor praise everything Obama has done so far. Well, lets just look at what Obama has done since he became President.

Obama has took race relations back to before the 60's
Destroyed the dollar.
Taken over or is trying to take over almost every industry in America.
Wants to take over Energy and jack up GAS to a price so the average American can't drive.
Wants to end America from supporting ourselves.
He wants to end the use of Heating Oil and Coal in America.
Destroyed Health Care system in America.
Destroyed Banking in America.
Destroyed Wall Street in America.
Destroyed Small Business in America.
If you spend $600 or more, Obama is going after you for taxes.
This alone will put small business - Out of Business.
Taxed the poorest of Americans.
Pass 2000 page bill after bill unread.
Throwing TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of American tax payer money away.

Then this morning on one of those Sunday morning news shows. I hear Obama is keeping Big Government down to let America recover and small business to grow. I just about choked on my coffee. I guess all those in the White House have no clue of the TRUTH!

I guess this is HOPE and CHANGE you can TRUST?

How stupid are the American people to let this happen to this great Nation.

It is time to Put REAL AMERICANS in office and it is time to VOTE OUT ALL IN OFFICE.

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