Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is a crime in any state in America and for that matter world.

Yet when Congress RAPES us, it is ignored.

The American people are screaming RAPE and it is falling on deaf ears.

The Congress is now known as PROSTITUTES.

Just look at what these Senators have sold out for.

They are against the way this health care bill is going yet, when the Democratic party hold out carrots all reasons for being in Congress disappears.

The Democrat party dangles BILLIONS of dollars in front of them and Bingo they lay down and spread their legs. That by definition that is a PROSTITUTE.

We do not want Health Care takeover. We want Health Care Reform.

Two completely different things.

These folks in Congress are mostly College Grads yet they can't read? Refuse to read any bill that comes across the floor!

They refuse to represent us, they are following the party. This is not what they are there for. The party helps them get elected and they take care of the people. Keep the size of government down. Work within their means.

If you ran your house like Congress is running the country we would be in Jail. This is where Congress needs to be, in jail.

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